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Daily Video -Bottoming 101  »  5 Star Man
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Posted:  8/23 7:04pm
Post-holiday blues  »  Cornish Dreamer
I've been on holiday. Not a long holiday, just a week. It doesn't explain my absence, I know. My first thoughts this morning as I stepped into my cold, dark office, was that I didn't know what I was doing here. The feeling weighed down in my stomach like I'd swallowed some rocks. This isn't me right now. 'Me' is someone else - somewhere else - tasting life and doing things that are fascinating and, quite frankly, cool. Work does not make me feel alive and buzzing like my holiday in Sicily made me feel. Instead, I feel like I've hugged ...
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Posted:  8/23 9:45pm
Ervil LeBaron & The Extremes Of Religious Conviction  »  Walk This World With Me
I've just finished two books which detail the bloody history of two Mormon sects headed by two very different brothers. The 4 O'Clock Murders gives a very well-written overview of the history of the LeBaron family, their Mormon fundamentalist faith and the events leading up to and following the religious split that would lead to a great deal of misery. Cult Insanity: A Memoir of Polygamy, Prophets, and Blood Atonement by Irene Spencer, a personal memoir of her time as the plural wife of Verlan LeBaron. As a (then) member of the family and someone who was privy ...
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Posted:  8/23 6:42pm
Il British National Party contro la BBC: «Vuole persuadere all'omosessualità i giovani»  »  Gayburg
Siamo alle solite. Il British National Party (un partito di estrema destra britannico) sostiene che tutti i ragazzi vogliano diventare gay e che l'unico modo per mantenerli etero sia quello di non fargli sapere che esiste l'omosessualità. O, perlomeno, è quello che si deduce fintanto si ostineranno a sostenere che la loro preoccupazione non sia la fine dei pregiudizi grazie ad una maggiore conoscenza di altre realtà. Fatto sta che il BNP ha dato il via ad una crociata contro la BBC , sostenendo che i suoi vertici vogliano «persuadere... [leggi tutto] ...
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Posted:  8/23 8:00pm
Hot men wallpapers  »  Menwallpapers
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Posted:  8/23 5:41pm
Bo Develius by Jack Pierson  »  Homotography
Swedish model Bo Develius at IMG is photographed by Jack Pierson in the story 'Bo Blue' for JTC, with casting by John Tan.THERE IS MORE, CLICK HERE TO SEE REST OF THE POST ...
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Posted:  8/23 6:44pm
Iowa nursing home fined for resident’s fatal fall  »  Malpractice
An Iowa nursing home where a former school teacher suffered a fatal head injury after falling from a mechanical lift is now facing a $31,525 fine.In June, the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals cited North Lake Manor of Storm Lake for failing to protect residents from harm and failing to provide adequate care. Workers at the home told inspectors they were overworked and had no time to give residents their baths or tend to some of their medical needs.Storm Lake nursing home fined $31,500 for resident’s fatal fall: ...
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Posted:  8/23 5:22pm
Grandfather abused by a nursing home worker  »  Malpractice
Our older adults in our community are targets for elder abuse. More than 33,000 elderly Mainers are abused each year, according to Maine Council for Elder Abuse Prevention. That isn't limited to financial exploitation, physical or sexual abuse.The Marro family believe their grandfather was sexually abused in 2006 at a nursing home. Their grandfather's dementia was setting in and clogging his thoughts. As his health declined, they felt a Brunswick nursing home located in their neighborhood would be a safe place for him to live. That is where the sexual abuse occurred they believe. ...
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Posted:  8/23 5:20pm
GH Grande at Gabriel Homme  »  Next Hottest Model
GH Grande at Gabriel Homme. Very Sexy Brief! ...
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Posted:  8/23 4:45pm
Zaria at the Zoo  »  It's a Great Life
I am Zaria and being featured as a guest blogger on Mom's page. Today I went to the zoo on a field trip. The zoo was very weird...
  • Especially when the giraffe pooped and it looked like rocks.  
  • The giraffe has a new baby sice I've been there and I'm sad to say the old tiger died .
  • When I paid 25 cents for a handful of food I only go 2 pellets. 
  • When I was throwing food into the Zebra Pen and I hit them...I almost hit a Rhino in the distance too. 
  • I loved the rope swing on the huge playground. I
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Posted:  8/23 6:45pm
Torna il Queer Lion Award 2014  »  Gayburg
È attraverso un'immagine celebrativa del 75° anniversario del film "Il mago di Oz" che si è scelto di promuovere l'ottava edizione del  Queer Lion Award , il premio speciale assegnato alla miglior pellicola a tematica lgbt tra quelle selezionate per la Mostra del Cinema di Venezia (in svolgimento dal 27 luglio al 6 settembre 2014). I film in gara saranno sette: "Pasolini" di Abel Ferrara, "The Smell of Us" di Larry Clark, "Les nuits d'été" di Mario Fanfani, "The Goob" di Guy Myhill, "The Farewell Party" di Sharon Maymon e Tal Granit... [leggi tutto] ...
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Posted:  8/23 4:00pm
new home  »  esoteric diversions
I'm trying something new for the new yearhttp://esotericdiversions.wordpress.com/ ...
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Posted:  8/23 5:45pm
central city forking with adding spendingness  »  yaniblog
My claim to want to go to bed earlier from yesterday didn't really hold a lot of water, so while I wasn't exactly running behind this morning, I didn't have a lot of time for goofing around.But as always (seemingly), I ended up heading downstairs just as Ma arrived... which is awesome timing wise, but still a little spooky generally.There was a small hiccup when we got to the supermarket though... and it's well documented that I'm not a massive fan of small random change (or large destructive change for that matter). But the small trolleys I use ...
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Posted:  8/23 3:32pm
Thomas in Petit Q underwear  »  ..Homotrophy ::: Gay à la carte..
Here’s Thomas in Petit Q underwear, photographed by Yoann Delattre in Troyes [click image to enlarge]. Copyright © 2009 Please visit www.homotrophy.com (Digital Fingerprint:) ...
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Posted:  8/23 2:15pm
Daily Mix  »  5 Star Man
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Posted:  8/23 2:16pm
Email from a guy who's in love with an attached man  »  Things I can't tell boyfriend number 1
At the start of June, a reader sent me the following email:Dear GB,Recently discovered your blog and I'm addicted! You give great advice and I love reading about your relationships. I am in a situation that I hope you can give me some advice on. I'm in my mid-twenties, and am newly out to some family members and close friends. I met a guy six months ago via a hook-up site. We had fun and established a "friends with benefits" type situation. He has a boyfriend for many years, and they are in an open relationship. I knew this going ...
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Posted:  8/23 11:00am
The No-Good, Really Awful, Icky Day  »  A Life in the Day
You ever have one of those days that starts out really well, the presentation goes swimmingly, all the payroll's geeting signed early, and someone brings bagels! Then, right after lunch, you bite your tongue, the phone calls multiply so that you can't get to your work, and the computer network takes it sweet time to mess with your head?Yeah...me, too. ...
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Posted:  8/23 7:56am
The Man Gets A Head  »  Ron's Log
Click for more photos shot today by John Curley. I'm wondering what they were doing to the Man's butt when this photo was taken. Members of my camp are kind of spread out. We've got two guys with early arrival tickets who are on the playa right now. Most of the RV/trailer guys started out earlier today and are camped somewhere between here and there. And then there's me and the other tent guys who are still "packing" which really means wandering the house wondering where that thing is I just have to have. The gate opens in 38 hours. ...
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Posted:  8/23 6:53am
An impressive Indonesian male model  »  Hot Asian Guys - hot Asian males, hot Asian studs, Asian male models, Asian male celebrities
Priyagung Luhur Wicaksono defined himself as an experienced model from Jakarta, Indonesia. He was one of L-Men 2011 contestant, didn't win at high position but he is truly the man that I was most impressed. 175cm height, 70kg comes with well-proportioned body, he should be an Indonesian guy who owns the most beautiful body I've ever seen. His advantage, as you see here and after, is photogenic face, that make every picture of him become beautiful with gorgeous handsome face. Chest, shoulder, 6 pack and his sexy legs, each of them I could give for 9/10 at ...
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Posted:  8/23 7:30am